About Us

ConstructInvo creates art and products with unique designs for your workplace or home. We are a team based out of Marshfield, WI. We combine all of our experiences and expertise to come up with the best possible products. We sell at craft markets, consignment stores, and online.

This business started in a small garden shed that barely fit one person. We had to use most of our tools and equipment outside when the weathered allowed. Let’s just say, if it rained more than a day or two that week, not much product was made. We spent most of our time moving around equipment and creating enough space to actually make things. Somehow, this did get us through our first few craft shows!

We recently moved to a larger workshop where all of our tools now fit! We are now in two consignment stores, attending craft shows almost every month and are working hard to sell more products online

Our main focus is creating functional products that also have an artistic design. Currently, we follow two avenues of wood working:

1. Custom or Craftsman design. Many items made from reclaimed wood that we found locally and that has been weathered and worn over time. The electricity that is applied to the wood to make the fractal tree-like designs travels differently through each piece of wood because each is unique. We also use a marbling technique that requires spray paint and water to add color; the outcome is always different because water is free-flowing and not meant to be controlled. We want to make unique products that cannot be purchased in your everyday store. Customers can place requests deciding length, width, height, and wood type to create a personalized item.

2. High output production. We are inventing techniques to improve efficiency without cutting quality to create affordable usable products with artistic design. We want everyone to have affordable products they can use in their homes or businesses. 

We recently started selling products by different artisans and product designers. ChickenWares and Dr. Walsh's Uniques have been recently added to our online store! Be on the look out for new additions to our store as we continue to grow.

If you need to get a hold of us, feel free to email, call or message us!