"Organic Teal Rhapsody"
Plantanious Art

"Organic Teal Rhapsody"

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Painting is coated in acrylic protective spray to prevent smudging, UV and moisture damage;
Painting is not flat, it is raised  ~5/8" off the wall. It is canvas on a wooden stretcher;
The thought, technique and process are what make this painting come to life. Here is how it was made:
- The background of this piece is set in with several light layers of acrylic paint.
- Areas of the painting are carefully selected and emphasized using a watercolor pencil.
- White paint highlights a few of the shapes to help them stand out from the background.
- A finishing touch of black ink outlines and enhances the shapes.
Ready to hang with a single small nail. Piece has potential to be custom framed.

24 x 24 inch

Weight: 1.51lb

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