"Keys of Green"
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"Keys of Green"

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Canvas wall hanging was made using acrylic paint, pastel, and ink. It is hard to see from the picture, but there are a few small pieces of ripped paper adhered to the canvas to add a bit of texture. Piano was drawn on with pastel, then the pigment was spread using a brush and water. This technique was repeated to create layers of color. If you look closely, the piece is mostly blue and green (cool colors) but has splashes of pink and other warm tones. Acrylic paint was used in a few areas and the piece was topped with a quick sketch of India ink.
More details:
-It is coated in acrylic protective spray to prevent smudging, UV and moisture damage.
-It is not flat, it is raised  ~1.75" off the wall. It is canvas on wooden homemade stretcher.
-Ready to hang with a single small nail. Piece has potential to be custom framed.
Weight: 1.74lb

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